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51 / M / texas
Posted 2/15/16
I work at TX state University and they have a few hundred Manga form a former student who passed away and gave the university the books. They are all older (1995-2006ish) and some are actually complete series... but:

Is there a good place to be able to borrow more manga? (not electronic ones.. I like to hold it in the hands)

The library here is close (less then a 5 min walk on campus) but I know eventually I will run out of ones I want to read...

Free is always nice but I would like to get some of the newer ones (post 2010) and I am cheap ( )
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34 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 2/15/16
Well, my library system has a lot of manga. And, thankfully they're connected to a good network of libraries where, if one doesn't have it - they can get it from the others.

I'm currently reading Blue Exorcist (they have Vol 14...or, I do in my possession as I'm reading it), Fullmetal Alchemist, & Black Butler by borrowing from my local library. They're up to date through their network of libraries on all of them (FMA's done, but the rest are ongoing).

Check to see if your local library is part of a library network and, if so, what else you can access through the extended network. That's my suggestion.
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49 / M / KC
Posted 2/15/16
I know plenty of public libraries that now stock manga. And they will also do inter-branch orders. You might want to check with them.
Posted 2/18/16
The libraries I visit can bring in books from other libraries.
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