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Posted 2/16/16 , edited 8/19/16
I get this error everytime that it's in commercials:

An exception has occurred with the application.
Please restart the application to continue.

TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'curAdSlot.getAd').
Line: 428, source: js/app/Crunchyroll/view/component/VideoPage.js.

I reinstalled a couple of times the app but not work any advice?

Thanks for all the help
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Posted 2/25/16 , edited 8/27/16
yep, same issue i had.
after a week or so of this, it seems like it was certain specific ads that would bug out, since other ads would load without issue.
i havent had that problem for a bit now though, not sure if the bug was fixed or if they just dropped the ads causing the bug or what.

but now, ads are sometimes being skipped. they start to play, then a couple seconds into it skips to the next one. (i cant really complain about that too much though). the problem is that now ads blocks finish, and suddenly the video skips to the end, forcibly loads and giews every other ad block along the way, then freezes or bugs out insanely when i attempt to return to where i was in the video. which forces me to reload the entire video... often with the same issue recurring.
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Posted 5/7/16
I have the same problem!!!
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Posted 8/19/16 , edited 8/19/16
I've been having a much similar issue, only my error messages have been reading as "line: 398" rather than 428.
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Posted 8/27/16
El mismo error alguien ya se le solucionó? Al parecer si son de los anuncios y [email protected] no da respuesta damm
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Posted 10/8/16
I also am getting this error often. VERY OFTEN.

Text of error:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'curAdSlot.setPlayed')
line: 398, source:js/app/Crunchyroll/view/component/VideoPage.js
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Posted 10/22/16 , edited 10/22/16
I'm having the same exact issue on the PS3. Worst part is restarting the app only for it to happen again. Would be nice if the app remembered where I left off instead of starting at the beginning again, kind of feels like a double slap.
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