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Post Reply Which VRMMO would you choose to be trapped in for the rest of your life?
Posted 3/22/16 , edited 3/22/16
GGO at least it would be exhilarating and high stakes wouldn't get bored.
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16 / M / Billings MO,USA
Posted 3/23/16
Sword art online, i want to be a blacksmith in the game so I can better the gear of adventurers. but if not SAO id love to be a fairy in AFO and just live in the forests with friends
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18 / F / Arizona
Posted 3/28/16
Alfheim Online for me! I can be a fairy!!! I can FLY!!! MAGIC!!! Yup I'm all in. Plus I'm super interested in the history of that world, so I'd really enjoy exploring it.

SAO would be my second choice though. I love the sheer amount of skills.
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Posted 3/30/16
I like the classes in Elder guild system....they figured out how to make food taste good...I'd be motivated to kick ass there lol
Posted 3/30/16 , edited 3/30/16
I am not familiar with Elder Tale, although I love Sword Art Online. The scenery is beautiful, the battles are involving and interesting enough to keep me occupied, there are who knows how many hidden skills to learn/unlock, and the non-combat activities are fun, which is to say there is a large variety and not too many of them are useless "filler" skills. The potential for dying might be a little scary for some, but really I don`t think its too different from the risks we might take every day just stepping out our rl front doors.
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