PVC figures buying and Selling questions
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Posted 2/18/16

I just started collecting japanese PVC figures, mainly stuff from Kotobukiya, Goodsmile, megahouse. But its an expensive hobby.

I decided that to keep purchasing the figures, Id have to make money off it somehow. I thought it was a good idea to buy 2 of any figure I thought the price would increase. For example I have 2 Liara Mass Effect bishoujo statues which currently run at 700$. I havent tried selling one yet. However I bought only one of the Commander Shepard ones and the price is already over 200$. I regret not buying 2. So now the Mass effect Tali figure is going to come out and am definitly going to purchase 2.

Remember Im not in it for the money I just need to some how make my money back to keep purchasing figures I like and thought this would be a good idea.

But i just started collecting these things. I already have a few figures. And if I continue collecting, I wanted to ask if anyone here does this. Buying two figures of the same one requires a first initial investment, But of the figures I bought twice, Im likely to sell for at least doble or close to what i originally bought it for.

So if I continue in this hobby, this would be the only way I can do it. I wanted to know if anyone here thinks its a good idea. Or even better if anyone has actually had good expiriences with buying and selling figures.

I ask cause recently on a website I buy figures from, I saw a figure I want that I was thinking of buying 3 of them to sell two and keep one, once the figure reached at least double its value. And Im absolutly certain the price on this figure will go up really quick.

Opinions and advice please

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Posted 2/18/16
that hot

okay, well, its an iffy thing.
take kill la kill, ryuko started off at 65 shipped, now she goes for 100.
now take asada sinon, she started off at 50, and runs 25 on ebay.

id not try to make money on it, think of it more like an investment. you'd get better and more reliable money return on legos.
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Posted 2/18/16 , edited 2/18/16
My advice is not to buy them with the idea you're going to make money on them...

Or just get a job and go ham.
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Posted 2/18/16
Is there a figure market out there? I mean....do they go up in price as the years go on, or does it depend on the character?

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