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17 / Over Here !!
Posted 2/18/16 , edited 2/23/16

- Order Form -

UserName ✗
Text ✗
Style/Theme ✗
Pictures (Link as well please) ✗
GFX Size (200x 200) ✗
- Rules -

✗ Please use the GFX for at LEAST 2 DAYS Failure to do so for 3 times would put you on PROBATION. It means that you cannot request gfx for a period of time.
DO NOT claim GFXs as your own
✗ Please use HQ renders/gifs
✗ Please keep it PG-13
✗ Please be Patient. We will get the requests as we can.
✗ Please thank the mods for your request. All thanks and changes go Here

We have the right to refuse service to anyone who breaks our rules.
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