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Posted 2/19/16
After watching both Muv-Luv anime, Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken, I noticed the illusive man in Total Eclipse looks very much alike to Theodor from Schwarzesmarken.

Illusive man from Total Eclipse

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Here are some facts that may support Theodor is the illusive man:

1) Supported by timeline. Schwarzesmarken take place in 1980s, while Total Eclipse take place around 17 years later. By then, the illusive man looks like Theodor in his late 30 to early 40, assuming Theodor is around 17-20 years old during Schwarzesmarken.

2) They share the same voice actor. Although it may just be a coincidence, but anime makers are also known to imply plots through their casts. Also, the shortage of male voice actor is not that bad.


1) The illusive man in Total Eclipse is somewhat associated with the BETA worshipping religion, but Theodor has a very apperant hatred towards the BETA.

2) The illusive man appear to be an arrogant person, a personality not as appearant in Theodor.

If Theodor is the illusive man, he may experienced something serious to cause him to change during the years in between the 2 series, but it is hard to imagine what can possibly cause him to have such drastic changes. Without spoiling too much from the original novel, personally think it is hard to imagine how can Theodor change so much with what he has gone through, if he is actually the illusive man at all.

The same issue can also be found on the Muv-Luv wiki website:
"Bears a strong resemblance to be Theodor Eberbach. Interestingly, both have a proficiency with knives, strong Christian influences, and share the same voice actors."
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Posted 6/26/16
We'll have to see in the end of Schwarzesmarken 2nd VN.
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