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Are there any OST's or Songs that make you tear up?
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Posted 2/23/16 , edited 2/23/16
Gatchaman Crowds- Unbeatable Network

The song manages to strike this magical balance between beautiful tearjerker and unbeatable optimism. Taku Iwasaki managed to make a sound that almost brings me to tears while also being inspiring and reflects the optimism of Gatchaman Crowds to a tee (and I wouldn't describe it as cry porn like other sad songs).

It's easily the best piece of must I've ever heard and it's kind of ashame that this song gets overlooked in favor for the shows (admittedly pretty awesome) main theme, Gatchaman- In the name of Love.
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Posted 2/23/16
Hyouri Ittai-Lamento for Piano- from Hunter X Hunter 2011

This song plays during one of the best scenes in any anime I´ve ever seen. The scene is already tragic enough but having this in the background honestly broke me, and everytime I hear this song I remember why Hunter X Hunter is a masterpiece

Another song that makes me really sad is Brothers, from the 2003 adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist.

The song always makes me think about all the tragedies that the Elrics had to endure and how their relationship as brothers made them strong enough to overcome anything.
Posted 2/23/16
Akame ga kill because I know how sad the anime is ; -;
NANA because it brings up memories and the same goes for d.gray-man
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Posted 1/4/17
Closed because OP nuked
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