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Post Reply Mississip Passes Law Against Gays
Posted 2/21/16

Vaporisor wrote:

Federal law already has precedence that makes this illegal to enforce. Simply because it is against both Federal and UN constitutional rights to refuse based on lifestyle choice. That said, there is code of conduct that can be enforced provided it does not fall into descrimination. Dress codes and action are all examples of this. So a business could put up a no kissing/handholding for a restaurant or other place of business, but that would have to apply to all people.

This will be gone in short order. Is just saber rattling. Reason being? Serving or providing business to somebody isn't against any religion. Christianity for example.


As a basic fundamental teaching from in early childhood days, and one of the major portions of the messages spread through the gospels in regards to Jesus is that religion is in one's self and even if one doesn't follow your belief, that means you must be kind and accepting of them even more.

Law setting precedent, no longer exists at the current level. If you're going to argue for it, then Gay Marriage would never be legalized at the Supreme Court, because that case was based on Windsor, which was based on Lawrence V Texas, which was a reversal of a 1986 case that was already precedent.

Of course Justice Kennedy has a Paradox in his thought process. "It's a Precedent that we can get rid of cases that already set precedents"

Really, law is just whatever the JB wants, which is dangerous.
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Posted 2/22/16 , edited 2/22/16
Kinda grinds my gears because I'm a Christian and in the Bible we receive the commandment love thy neighbor. That means you have to love and accept everyone and if you really have a problem with it then you should pray for them and mind your own business. Being gay doesn't mean you are going to Hell. In the Bible it says you can be saved by law (following the ten commandments) or by faith (believing Jesus is the son of God and that he died for your sins so that you may not perish but shall have eternal life).
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