Naruto Wars Reborn
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Posted 2/19/16 , edited 2/20/16

Naruto Wars Reborn (NWR) is an ongoing and extensive fan-made, non-profit project to bring a Naruto themed MOBA/ARTS to the DotA 2 client. This mod is the spiritual successor to the popular Warcraft III map Naruto Wars Unlimited (NWU), and as such will build upon the foundations of the previous game while also including new features, reworks, and other additions. With the use of Source Engine 2, the goal of the NWR team is to create a game that is both fresh for the next generation, as well as familiar to those who have or still play Naruto Wars Unlimited.

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Despite Naruto Wars Reborn being based upon the standard MOBA/RTS formula found within games such as DotA 2 and League of Legends, there are plenty of key features that will differentiate the game as a unique Naruto based creation. The main aspects of the projected game include…

Main Features:

An entirely new roster of heroes, ranging from main characters such as Naruto Uzumaki, to side characters such as members of the Sound Five,
Models, portraits, and animations matching the diverse cast of characters within the popular series,
Custom abilities based upon the immense number of techniques the characters have mastered over the course of the storyline,
New and old items renamed and reimaged to fit within the Naruto universe,
Dynamic music directly from the anime to add to the intensity,
Audio lines from the original Japanese voice actors to give each hero a voice,
A new map that should be familiar to both veterans of the MOBA/ARTS genre and fans of the manga/anime series,
Balanced gameplay, capable of being enjoyed both casually and competitively,
A unique game experience for Naruto and MOBA/ARTS fans alike.

This is a project that will take time to fully realize, and it will most likely take many months before a version of the game is released that we will be truly satisfied with. However, in the meantime we hope to share our progress to the community by releasing early builds of the game for players to try out and enjoy. These alpha versions of the game will be functional for full player versus player matches, and we invite any (constructive) feedback we can get on how you think we could improve the game. We hope to release our first playable version of Naruto Wars Reborn by December 2015, in which you will be able to expect:

First Release Features:

Matches to take place on original DotA 2 map, 4v4 game mode,
14 Playable characters in total, 11 classics from NWU, 3 new characters exclusive to NWR,
Naruto Uzumaki (Unlimited)
Sasuke Uchiha (Unlimited)
Sakura Haruno (Unlimited)
Kakashi Hatake (Unlimited)
Madara Uchiha (Reborn)
Itachi Uchiha (Unlimited)
Gai Maito (Unlimited)
Neji Hyuga (Unlimited)
Gaara (Unlimited)
Hidan (Reborn)
Zabuza Momochi (Unlimited)
Kisame Hoshigaki (Reborn)
Fourth Raikage (Unlimited)
Onoki (Unlimited)

Custom models, animations, portraits and abilities for each character,
Full set of items renamed and reimaged,
New music for loading screen, hero selection, and pre-game,
A number of Japanese voice lines added to the characters.

When playing any early version of the game, keep in mind that nearly all aspects of the game are subject to change. Characters, abilities, items, and more could be changed or reworked completely if the need or desire arises. This all said, we hope you all look forward to future releases and features that we hope to bring to the community in the near future.

Check out our forum:
Check out our twitter here for updates:
Check out our FB here:

We were also featured twice on very Popular streamer/Youtuber Baumi's Channel enjoying the game! Check it out
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Posted 2/20/16 , edited 2/20/16
If you guys have any questions just let me know! I'm one of the contributors to the game; The game is currently in Beta on Steam and is being received very positively. Currently, there are 50-200 Concurrent games being played each day, We'd like that number to increase to 200-400 games to achieve dedicated valve servers! Here's also a link to our moddb page:
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Posted 2/20/16 , edited 2/21/16
Currently 200 players concurrently atm.
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Posted 2/21/16 , edited 2/21/16
Here's our Youtube Channel if anyone is interested!
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