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Life Happened. Choose Your New Criminal Leadership Career Path?
Posted 2/22/16
I choose dictator because a dictator isn't a criminal and can potentially help people while the others can't really do that.
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22 / M / Britain
Posted 2/23/16

bemused_Bohemian wrote:

Pimp a pet store.

4-legged versus 2-legged? Depends upon negotiable leasing terms between plaintiff and defendant, how much dough the doughnut machine can accommodate in the unfortunate event law enforcement appears before their appointed times. Coffee, tea or contract to let TBD. Feeding schedule(s) shall be OSHA, EPA, SPCA compliant using state of Nevada mandates as a precedent.

Hidden cameras contingent upon demand of client needs and ability to pay should unforeseen disputes arise re goods and services performed. Lawyerese intent, triple-threat, doublespeak advisor: Better Call Saul PRN (as needed). Rates payable contingent upon types of services rendered. This is an equal opportunity facility open to all comers, foreign and domestic.

Bring legal tender.


This is far too amazingly planned. Is this your legit plan B?
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 2/23/16
A dictator is my dream job
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17 / M / Wales - That coun...
Posted 5/26/16
Cult leader, I mean who wouldn't want to bring the UK government to ruins for fun?
Posted 5/27/16
Mob boss all the way.
One Punch Mod
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Posted 29 days ago
Closed because OP nuked.
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