Have you ever been "Rejected"? A call for art exhibition in Detroit
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Posted 2/21/16 , edited 2/21/16
Hello all! I've been a Crunchyroll member for a while, and as my username suggests, really heavy into Ultraman related stuff.

My wife and I have been organizing a one-night art show even in Detroit at a local gallery/live performance space, 'The Tangent Gallery' and seeing that there is a 'Creative Corner' here, figured I'd put the call out for the artwork here too!

I know this place is internationally reaching, so I figured why not see if anyone here would be interested?


Have you been rejected?

All those shows and galleries telling you to shove it?
Have art agents sent the dreaded "thanks, but no thanks".


You're not alone. We're betting that it's happened to everyone, and that a show of "rejected" art might just be the best group show you'll see this year.

Coming Friday, April 1 2016 to Detroit's Tangent Gallery, "Rejected;" A Second Chance Art Show and evening of live entertainment!

Send photos of up to four pieces of your rejected work to
[email protected]

For each piece submitted include:
1.The Title of the artwork

2. Artists Medium used (all mediums are welcome)

3. Price of the artwork
(pieces do not have to be for sale but must be available to be displayed at the show)

4. (most importantly) --> The Name of show/gallery/agent that rejected the piece
(Previous rejection IS required!)

There is no fee to submit (we might reject your work too, but we won't charge you to be rejected!) On acceptance, there will be a $10 fee per artist (not per piece) to assist with covering the cost of the show. Additionally, the show will take a 20% commission on all sales. Deadline to submit is Friday, March 4 at 12AM EST.

One more thing.....the goal of "Rejected" is to respectfully showcase amazing art that didn't fit into some other curator's vision. We present here a chance for artists to show work that they have put
all their blood, sweat and tears into (or something like that!)

-Pete, Ultrawatcher
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Posted 3/7/16
The call for art is now closed...

We have over 75+ pieces of art from over 7 different countries!

So if you're in Detroit on April 1st 2016, check out 'Rejected: A Second Chance Art Show'!

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Posted 3/16/16
Just wanted to share some love our 'Rejected' show is receiving from our local Detroit Public Television! There may or may not be 'anime' or 'manga' at this particular show, but you never know... and there's always the future!

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Posted 4/3/16 , edited 4/3/16
The 'REJECTED: A Second Chance Art Show' was a great success!!!

Here's some photos of people and artwork from the night!

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Posted 12/24/17
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