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Posted 2/21/16 , edited 2/21/16
I've started up a small blog to chronicle my journey in learning the Japanese language, and I'll be updating it several times a week. It'll include vocabulary, common sense shortcuts, and reviews of things which I've put in the time to do the trial-and-error of for you all. It will also include useful tools, videos, literature, links to free resources, and mnemonic tricks that I have developed and found useful.

I'll be adding retro-content over the next couple of days to cover my earlier steps that led up to where I am now (tricks and techniques that made katakana and hiragana "click," useful vocab lists, and the like).

I hope this helps at least one person, so that I'm not just doing this for my own personal reinforcement (though that alone makes this project worth it)! Any questions, comments, or critiques would be appreciated, and if you post them on the blog I'll get back to you directly. Of course, feel free to leave your comments here, too, as I AM obviously here, too ;P

^^^Link to the First Post^^^

^^^Link to Blog Home^^^
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Posted 2/21/16
Well I've tried it once but then stop due to being busy with school. Hopefully I will get back to it.
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Posted 2/23/16
people interested in learning the language seem to first try and approach it through anime. that's understandable, since anime was likely the single motivation factor to study the language in the first place. but doing so is likely a recipe for disaster. you should first start with the basics - that means basic grammar and hiragana / katakana. learning a language is, as someone else has put it - like building a monument. you want your base to be rock-solid if you want your monument to remain standing. rush on the base, and the monument will crumble and fall. the kana characters are fairly easy to learn - it should take no more than 2 weeks (much less depending on how apt you are in learning the language). Tae Kim's does a fairly good job explaining the grammar step by step (though i don't quite agree with him on some parts, but the core grammar explained in his site seems good enough)
at the very least, you should start with the kanas. imagine if Japanese people trying to learn English studied like how people try to study from anime:

well, actually no. the grammar would be way worse, but you get the idea.
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Posted 12/23/17
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