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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/12/16
Good habit : good in studying..except math.

Bad habit : cold hearted
Posted 3/14/16
Good habit: I look for the bright side of negatives.

Bad habit: I look for negatives first.
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F / I dont stay in on...
Posted 3/14/16
Good Habit: I make sure make new friends everyday!

Bad Habit: I can't do something I don't like for a certain amount of time (It seems like it's something good but I snap when this happens)
Posted 5/10/16 , edited 5/10/16
Good habit: Being accepting and non-judgemental of others

Bad habit: Being too overly trusting and gullible of others
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32 / M / Whale Island
Posted 5/10/16
This post takes me back to my early days here but somethings apparently don't change i am still one hell of lazy shaver 2nd day off work on holiday and so far i have vegged for 2 whole days and yes you guessed it i need a shave.

A good habit i have picked up recently is i am smiling a lot more then i ever use to, cannot put it down to a single reason but it seems others around me have picked up on it, i think one thing that has changed is i have noticed how much i like others to smile at me maybe returning that favor is my way of saying thanks ? - at any rate it's a good feeling i have plenty of reason to smile.
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