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Best place to buy bulk Potassium Nitrate
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Posted 2/23/16 , edited 2/23/16

DixieNormous wrote:

fuck it
i quit
i'm not going to make anything because this is apparently too much for anyone to handle

Mate you want Potassium Nitrate and by your own words are using it in some rockets ya making. That means you obviously plan on making KNO3 which is a solid state fuel with a specific impulse of between 115 and 130 seconds. It generates thrust through an explosive reaction of said solid state fuel. In other words it goes boom, like any other combustion fueled reaction.

Technically speaking KNO3 is explosive in its use. Though also technically speaking everyone who drives a automobile is using fuel air bombs to get around.
Revolver Dogelot
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Posted 2/23/16
Per OP request locking and closing thread. Good luck with the rocket building.
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