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Posted 2/23/16 , edited 2/23/16
So like, this is ridiculous. It often takes over a minute for files to start playing, or to move after seeking (trying to skip the intro for example), why is this? I can easily get 8-10mbit when loading the website forums etc, but as soon as it comes to the actual video stream, it takes me well over a minute for things to start going, it's like "files doesn't play / blank screen" issues, but ifyou leave it long enough it'll start to stream, or it'll stream a split second then just stop. If it get a stream going however, it's generally fine, but that happens maybe 1 in every 15 or 20 goes, so it takes me a good 35-40 minutes just to watch one episode. wtf am I paying for?
Posted 2/25/16 , edited 2/25/16
Ive been having this issue for 4 months now and the support has tried but not been able to help.
Refer to this link
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