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Which energy source are you most sympathetic towards?
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Posted 2/25/16

Ranwolf wrote:

Rowan93 wrote:

Actually I don't know. Please, elaborate, what single malfunction can create a supercritical mass in a normal fission reactor? What were those idiots at the Manhattan project doing, that they pretended to be the greatest physicists of their time but they took years of effort to design and build a mere 20 kiloton bomb? How did it take until the invention of the Teller-Ulam design and the fusion bomb for yields of the order of 20 megatons to be reached? Why can North Korea only make 10kt devices?

The fact that people as ignorant about nuclear power, nuclear physics, nuclear anything, are allowed to vote on issues relating to nuclear power are the reason we still use coal, and the cause of all the deaths we can attribute to coal power stations - including the radiation deaths, from trace uranium in coal, which vastly outnumber radiation deaths from nuclear power.

And people think I am bad. Was I exaggerating, of course. Did I actually show fossil fuel a single iota of support no I did not. Is the threat of the waste by-products Nuclear Energy produces real, yes it is. Is the damage malfunctioning Nuclear plants have done to the landscape over the decades since Fission was discovered real and well documented yes.

So mate how about you stop making me looking polite and well thought out.

Exaggerating is normal. If you'd actually talked about environmental damage, I could have objected to exaggerations and compared mass panic about radiation to the actual hazards - "real and well-documented" means it exists, not whether there's as much of it as everyone thinks. But you said "20 megatons", and that's a whole different thing. It's apples and oranges - you're not exaggerating anything about the apples when you talk about oranges the size of cantaloupes.
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Posted 11/11/16
OP Nuked.
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