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Openings/Endings. Love them or hate them?
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Posted 2/25/16 , edited 2/26/16
I love openings and endings!

I actually love it when little bits of information are buried in there, so you see it later and you think, "How did I miss that!?"

I love seeing the animation with the music, too.

Best thing that a show has done with an opening? Watch season 2 of Love Live. It's wonderful. It's one of those, "if you weren't crying already..." moments.

Also this ->

As a song, I really love the ending of the last episode of season 1 of K, "To Be With U". I love the season 1 OP, too, but I think I like "To Be With U" a little bit more. Especially if you play it right after "Requiem of Red".
(Also if you haven't watched Love Live and K, go watch them because they're amazing shows.)
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
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