Riyria Revelations and Chronicles
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Posted 2/23/16

So I hope I'm not the only fan of this series on this site, and if I am I hope I can introduce you to my favorite book series of all time The Riyria Revelations and it's ongoing prequel series Riryria Chronicles. The series follows the two thieves Hadrian Blackwater, an idealistic, noble hearted, and heroic skilled swordsman, and his partner Royce Melbourne, a cynical, sarcastic, and underhanded deadly assassin, as they do their odd jobs for payment as the two man team of Riyria (which is elvish for pair). Through the Revelations series we see them fall into a conspiracy to politically take control of the entire continent of Elan. I hope that others who have read this book series can jump on and create great conversations
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Posted 11/22/17
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