Teaching English in JAPAN!
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Posted 2/24/16 , edited 2/24/16
Hey Guys,

I live and work in Tokyo teaching English and I just uploaded a video describing all the things you should know and consider when thinking about living and teaching English in Japan!

Please check it out and ask me any questions you may have!

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Posted 2/24/16
I'd love to check it out but it's just taking me to some random forums with no video that I can see. I'm technically challenged. You should really post your video on Youtube. I've watched quite a few from teachers or people living in Japan there and there's always a decent audience for them on there. Good luck to you.
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Posted 2/24/16
Ditto, it's just linking to the registration page of those forums.

Since I can't really see any video, did you apply through JET? If not, how's the process go as I only know JET's
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Posted 2/24/16
Sorry, but I'm closing this one.
I'll be honest, I have a strong hunch that the linked site doesn't offer 100% legitimate content, and I don't want to register to find out if it does.

Like TheOriginalStray above me also suggests; Please upload the video to somewhere public like Youtube or another host that doesn't require registering before being able to access content and abides by the rules of this website.
After you've done that you are free to make a new topic on this subject.

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