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Posted 2/24/16
So I was reading this book called, "The Outliers," by Malcolm Gladwell,
and I read this chapter on 10,000 hours. It explains to successfully master
a skill, it'll take 10,000 hours. It gave examples from Bill Gates being
successful in computers to violin players.

Do you think it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, do you think you need
to be gifted to succeed in a skill, or you need to be born in a right opportunity
to be successful in a skill?
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Posted 2/24/16
I've heard about this for quite a time....

I'm really not gifted at anything, but I really like to practice art, which some have said I have talent if polished enough.

I think it all depends on you and your determination, also if someone had a link to any study, I would be interested in reading.
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Posted 2/24/16
I rather think it takes both.A natural inborn talent and dedication. After all somebody like Mozart isn't going to make a good soldier and vice versa.
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