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Posted 2/27/16 , edited 2/27/16
Hey everyone!

My friend Otakumouse created an online magazine (and soon to be printed) focused on figure photography. It also features anime, manga, figure and industry-related articles and soon some gaming ones, fan art, cosplay images and tips, etc. (if someone is willing to). There are currently 4 issues being released and they're available to view online or at an eBook platform for free.

To contribute, just head down to the Drive Depository (link below) and submit your very best creations and writing! You will of course be credited! If you have any other interest such as helping out in the site and other stuff, talk to Otakumouse (his links are in the site). For questions, you may ask in this thread or directly to me or the founder.

Even if you think you're an amateur, or your work is not good enough, it's okay! We'll still include it. If you keep on improving, you will see your improvement as years pass by with this magazine.

If you have been featured before, you may be featured again!

No 18+ and inappropriate content, the magazine is multi-platform including Apple, so we have to abide by all of their rules so we could deliver every issue without a problem.

Here are some screenshots:

Upcoming Issue:

The deadline for the next issue is February 28, after that, you may still contribute but it will be featured on the succeeding issue.
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