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Which Anime do i watch next ? ...
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Posted 2/27/16
So i am coming to end of my current anime adventure and i am lining up my next watch, like with my reading there is way more anime then i have time to watch so i like being nudged into a choice. If you state other please list the anime and i will edit this post accordingly should there be another stand out choice and yes before you suggest SOA I've seen that already.
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Posted 2/27/16
School Live is excellent. Don't let the beginning put you off.
Posted 2/27/16
Parasyte is pretty badass
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Posted 2/27/16
Attack on Titan, surprised you haven't already.


No game No life

Magi, the labyrinth of magic

School Live

Death Parade

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Posted 2/27/16
still very new here, so am sure you will get great input from others - but for me one of my early favorites is Arpeggio of Blue Steel . I like the high seas battle action and technology, strategy and the creativity.
Posted 2/27/16
No Game, No Life - really good, and nice and short. Should be able to power through it.
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Posted 2/27/16 , edited 2/27/16

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