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Posted 2/27/16
Polls and Videos

Soooooo ... time to make a poll ! In order to post a poll, you have to make one first. Click here to make one. You'll need 500 cr points to do so, so go around and post pictures, spam pages, just get those 500 !

Now, once you have made a poll, take a look at the Poll ID. You can find it in the url of your poll. Such as:


The bolded/black section of the url above is the Poll ID. You will need it to code a poll. In order to code a poll, you will first need the code.

The code for a poll is:

[*poll] POLL ID [*/poll]

Now, simply put the ID inside the code, and you'll have your code.
Oh, and the ID is simply the numbers.



Created by Animeruler22

Now then ! Time to make a Video ~ more like, code a video. So, first you need your video. Find it, and get the url. You'll need the Video ID.


The black/bolded section is the Video ID. You'll need to put the ID in between the code. The code is as follows:

[*crvideo] VIDEO ID [*/crvideo]

Now, put it all together.



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And now you know how to code a video as well as a poll !
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