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What country produces the best automobile?
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Posted 3/1/16 , edited 3/1/16
I've been driving a standard 99 mazda b4000 RWD truck. She's a beaut, one of my all time favorite vehicles so far. In terms of reliability, it does excellent. It has been great in the winter, rain, all year round so far, and very decent gas mileage for a v6, comparing it to the v4 shitfire I had for like 6 years.

Mazda is pretty reliable, and Japan has some very nice quality, but definitely not the best in terms of automobiles. This isn't about reliability, this is the choice of craftsmanship.

Germany would be by far one of the best. Audi and BMW. I mean there are many others, even Volvo is fantastic, but Germany has some good quality.

It's definitely a very close match up between Japan and Germany, and in my opinion, for what I can afford, Japan has the best options.
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Posted 3/1/16

papertongue wrote:

I don't know much about cars, but I know I loved driving my Subaru. So I picked Japan just for that reason.

And the age old Mitsubishi vs Subaru battle goes on.
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Posted 11/11/16
OP Nuked.
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