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Posted 2/27/16 , edited 2/28/16
Hello hello everyone, I'm your friendly helper mod Kevin here to introduce to you the concept of roleplay! It's really simple, actually.

1st: Follow the rules

This one is self explanatory. Obviously no god modding the story (using multiple accounts) and don't kill or rape people's characters without permission. Also be don't be a dick, no racist or offensive jokes. That's about it for the DO NOT DO section.

2nd: Create your character

Creating a character really isn't that hard. As long as you make one that matches the example in your own preference, you should be fine. You should probably design a character to be similar to you though, as it makes the next step easier. But again, you don't have to.

3rd: Start roleplaying!

Roleplaying itself is like anime, which is why people like it so much. You and the other roleplayers create your own story, and it takes whatever path you choose! From what I have gathered, violence and sexual situations are allowed, but again, ask the other person for permission first. Also, please try not to end the story, but most of all, include everyone! They joined this group for a reason! Have fun, roleplayers!
Posted 2/27/16 , edited 2/28/16
thanks for the Help!!!!!! With our Group!
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