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Posted 2/28/16
Hey everyone, I was wondering how often you guys encounter this:

The video is playing normally, then all of a sudden the video goes black and then starts suggesting the "Next suggested videos" as if the video has ended, but the show you were watching definitely hasn't ended!

I've been encountering these issues, and when the happen, no amount of refreshing my browser, deleting my cash would make it better. It seems to get better over time.

This suggests to me that it's an issue with load, and that possibly Crunchyroll isn't able to handle the demand.

So, I fired up WireShark and did some packet analysis. While the main issue is too many users are using the service, (I'll blame the load balancer but I could be wrong), the way the video player handles the problem is awful.

It looks like the video player assumes that "CONNECTION_CLOSE" means that the Video Successfully ended. However, that's a bad assumption in a distributed system because there can be many causes of a connection close. I'd rather have an error message pop up saying that something bad happened, than to have my video jump to the end and try to load the next video.


I'd like to suggest that CR change the video player to expect a proper "VIDEO_ENDED_SUCCESSFULLY" message before moving on to suggest other videos.

Of course, addressing the load issue would be even better, but sadly, I know how difficult that can be.
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