Let's be honest. How many crazy people have you met at a con or in your interest group?
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Posted 3/2/16
So you have a gaming or anime club in your school. You try to befriend people, and later find out that they're not who you thought they were. They talk behind your back, talk bad about your friends, and feel like they're mentally disturbed people or are easily offended.

My first year of going to cons was last year, 2015. In that time, I met people who practically tried to extort money from me from my own job over a paying room controversy, people who tried to flirt with me despite being engaged, made demands from me, and lashed out when I didn't give them all of my time, and so forth.

Honestly, I think I've met only a small handful of people at cons that I could truly be friends with, to include my girlfriend. Out of all the people that share our interests, only a few seem to be rational and intelligent.

If you have any horror stories to share with people you met at a con or in your nerd/geek circle, please post them here!
Posted 3/2/16
Mabe the problem is OP.
Posted 3/6/16
I've never attended a con, nor am I a part of any interest group. So I haven't met any crazy people. For all I know...I may be the crazy one.
Posted 3/6/16 , edited 3/6/16
I was at this con once and I was on the second floor, I was looking out the windows onto the streets to see if I could find my friends, they weren't messaging me back, so I turn around and this big fat neck beard guy wearing a mask was standing there not saying a word.I didn't know him, and got scared so I instinctively pull out my knife I carry for protection and put it towards his throat while pushing back, now granted I was in a hotel and people would've seen if something happened to me but that asshole scared the shit out of me, and It just sorta happened.
We both apologized to each other, and I didn't see him for the rest of the con.
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Posted 3/6/16
My circle consist of combat veterans, avid hunters, racers, and the like...We view "normal" as the "crazy" thing .
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Posted 3/9/16 , edited 3/9/16
Story Time

At an Anime Convention

Age 14-15 (It has been a few years so I wouldn't remember my actual age at the time.)

It was really late at night when we were outside the place so we tried staying in the light so nothing would happen to us. While my friend was a few feet from me trying to get a hold of her Mom, this dude that looked to be in his early twenties comes up to me and starts petting my head because I had a cat hat on. He was meowing at me, it creeped me out so bad I froze, when I didn't say anything he barked at me and went back to his group. I got up so fast and nearly tackled my friend saying we needed to leave that particular area right now. She asked why so when I told her we hurried and got to someplace safer to wait for her Mom.
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Posted 12/26/17
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