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14 year old boy is sentenced to 39 years in jail
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Posted 3/2/16 , edited 3/3/16

Victoryfraud wrote:

I wonder what kind of adult a life in prison is going to shape him into becoming.

Somehow, I get the feeling that if you asked one of the cops or government lawyers involved in this mess - while they were comfortable, and after half a bottle of Jack Daniels - they'd promise you that at least he'll be too old to make effective use of the education his fellow inmates gave him if he lives long enough to be released. Even if you ignore his vision and developmental issues.

Because - call me a cynic if you want to - when I come across a question about what someone in (anything other than Minimum Security) prison for a long term has in terms of education (and/or an honest chance to use said education) when he gets out, I remember a quote and a paraphrased comment.

The quote (which sadly I can't give the source of right now) is : "The only thing long term imprisonment cures a man of, is being heterosexual."

The paraphrased comment was that, after a few years, you can be sure you'll leave prison with a firm understanding of how to an accomplished and professional criminal.

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Posted 3/4/16 , edited 3/4/16

That's so fucked up :/
Poor kid is probably messed up from his 9 years in American prison, you have to join gangs to stay safe in there
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Posted 3/4/16 , edited 3/4/16
Welcome to the real world.

Its all about money at this point, and not the conviction. Sure you can go for a petition, i don't know if it would work, because I'm really not sure if you can wave a judges ruling.

Oh well, another easy victim that the law has taken under their wing in order to accuse someone.

All the more reason I hate the law 50% of the time, the other 50% I expect my fucking money to go towards response time when I call them for real problems.

it's like flipping a coin at this point. Its not so much the outcome, its the chance of ridding a case as soon as possible to save money and time, and taking that chance of prosecuting the wrong person just for easy way out, because we all know the world doesn't try anymore, all the increases, all the money we have to come up with just to do the right thing.

I see the law as 50 50; funny so does the law....
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Posted 11/24/17 , edited 11/25/17
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