Anyone near downtown Halifax N.S?
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Posted 3/2/16 , edited 3/2/16
So I have been in Halifax for about a year now, going to SMU.

I have quite a bit of people I talk to here, but no one that I really "hang-out" with anymore, since alot of my Japanese friends who I spent the most time with have left to go back to their university.

Is there any good places to go and meet with people interested in Video games/ anime outside of university clubs? I find the university clubs tend to have really annoying anime fans that.. just... eh.. I'm pretty sure you can understand what im getting at.. they are just that really cringe inducing type of fan.
Any video game/anime clubs in the downtown area? or would anyone be interested in meeting up or something and just talking about random shit?

Or if you go to SMU, that would be pretty cool too; Might have met you in person already

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Posted 12/26/17 , edited 12/26/17
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