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Posted 3/2/16 , edited 3/5/16
Written by: Dai_Loli

Short anime Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara, very loosely (and personally) translated to “Goddamnit, I am SO done being a magical girl!”, is an odd beast. Essentially a satire of magical girl shows, it makes its mark by focusing on all the little subtleties that even other magical girl satires don’t dabble on, while boasting a surprisingly twisted sense of humor.

Yuzuka is your cliché responsible little girl. She damn well needs to be, since her mother barely ever drops by and her father happily works 21-hour shifts 7 days a week. On her way back from school one day, she meets a winged ball-shaped creature called Miton amidst a bunch of garbage. Miton affirms that since she can see him, she has met the requirement to become a magical girl and thus immediately adorns her with a magical bracelet then urges her to transform. After a questionable transformation scene, Yuzuka finds herself in what can only be described as a fancy, skimpy swimsuit. “The magical girl outfit takes on the form that best suits its wearer”, Miton states, equally surprised and, at the same time, seemingly enjoying the view. Expecting the frilly, cute costumes of the magical girls she saw on TV in her youth, Yuzuka is not pleased.

That’s the basis of the plot, really. The rest mostly follows the daily lives of Yuzuka and friends. Although you might be tempted to jump the gun and dismiss this as an ecchi anime, aside from the unnecessarily revealing transformation scene, the show mostly keeps its focus on humor rather than perversion, although the latter often feeds the former.

Miton himself is the glue that sticks the whole show together, there's just something eerie about him, I mean just look at him:

Oops, wrong show!

Doesn’t something just seem off about him? Is it the lack of pupils? That weird upside down mouth? The long, scrawny wings? The fact that he was found in a pile of garbage doesn’t exactly inspire trust, and he’s not helping his case by awkwardly ogling magical swimsuit-clad Yuzuka either.

And you know what’s great? You’re not the only one who thinks so: None of the main characters of the show are keen to let him be all friendly with them and keep a safe distance at all times, which never ceases to deliver good laughs as even acts of kindness toward him have a hidden motive. These girls have clearly been studying their Puella Magi Madoka Magica and will not have any of that magical beast’s bull****… even though he really doesn’t mean any harm!

Spoiler: There are no magical battles in this anime. It instead focuses on more pressing matters, like how handy it is that Yuzuka ends up with water-based magic powers since it doesn’t matter if she gets wet, or answering the age-old questions “Where do the magical clothes come from?” and “What happens to them once she transforms back?”, or how to tackle the touchy situation where you have to reveal to your father that you are now a magical girl wearing a swimsuit with a flying yellow talking ball as a pet.

When I saw the previews for Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara, I just knew I was going to end up volunteering to write the article for it. I have dug up a little pearl of a comedy with its own unique take on magical girl satire for you. No need to thank me, just go ahead and watch it!
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