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Posted 3/2/16 , edited 4/13/16
So I'm just a random anime fan who ran into this article on ANN:

After reading it, and having participated in the amazing Kickstarter for Time of EVE, I thought "huh, sounds interesting. Let's check this show out."

I'm only four episodes in and totally hooked already! The Indigogo campaign for Skip Beat!'s English dub and release over here is already live here:

No one paid me to come here and talk about this, no one asked me to do it. Earlier, I participated in the Time of EVE Kickstarter and got a truly amazing product out of it. Now, purely because of the quality work and honest dedication shown by Ann Yamamoto and everyone at Pied Piper, Inc., I've started watching what already promises to be a wonderful story about a young woman's path of personal growth and journey to stardom.

Therefore, I thought I'd spread the word about the campaign and ask fans here what they think about it. Would you want to have Skip Beat! in your physical collection? What sort of merch do you hope they'll make? Are you loving the idea of an English dub for the series?

As for me, I'm looking forward to adding this series to my collection! Seriously, I'm four episodes in and I'm already ready to shell out for a high tier!

I doubt they'd do it but I would kill for a plushie of those little angel Kyokos. So cute!

I'm an anime fan who prefers English dubs so I'm really hoping the dub for Skip Beat! will be awesome. I'm very interested to see what roles Mela Lee and Christina Vee take on voice wise if any. They're apparently very passionate about the project since they've signed on in major behind the scenes roles already and are trying to help keep the budge low and the quality high.
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Posted 3/24/16 , edited 4/13/16
Just to make sure that everyone has the updated link for the current campaign:
This campaign has moved from Indiegogo to Kickstarter!
Here is the current link:

We've got until April 16th in order to get the project fully funded for the DVD release of both subbed and dubbed Skip Beat! episodes. The entire first season is on the table as far as licensing. There is a possibility of Blu-ray as well if we meet the stretch goal.

If you're considering how to support this anime, or wishing for it in your private collection, I would highly encourage supporting this campaign. Every little bit helps and there is some cool merchandise available too!

We have followed in Kyoko's footsteps and are getting ready to completely knock down that dead-end wall that was blocking this anime from having a North American release. Please help us and Kyoko get revenge!
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Posted 7/5/16 , edited 7/5/16
They are making eng dubbings. Its just not out yet.
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