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Getting a console for just "1" game?
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37 / F / British Columbia
Posted 6/13/16
Why not? The only reason I ever bothered to buy a Wii was so I could play the Zelda games - Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I did eventually end up with a few Mario games as well though...

I'll probably add the new "NX" to my console collection once the next big Zelda game launches. I can't believe there was no big Zelda game for the Wii U. You missed a sale with me there Nintendo!
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20 / M / ya mum's house
Posted 6/18/16
for the price that most consoles sell for, I would recommend buying it for multiple games. I mean there is bound to be other games that you might be interested in for the system. So, do what you want I guess?
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19 / M
Posted 6/18/16
I'm probably gonna get the PS4 just for Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII remake.
Posted 6/19/16

AzazelOfNexium wrote:

Hey, so I have been thinking pretty hard about getting a Wii U, but I would only be getting it mainly for Xenoblade Chronicles X (and ill probably get some other games for it as-well..but lets exclude that for the moment)

Do you guys think it would be worth it for Xenoblade X?

Has anyone else here ever bought a console for just one game here; was it worth it?

I remember when I was younger I actually got my Vita mainly to play P4 Golden when it was first released! I was pretty satisfied with the purchase because alot of cool niche titles came out for the Vita.

I have. Bought a PS2 only for Kingdom Hearts. Bought N64 Only for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Got Gamecube for SuperMario Sunshine & Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

never regretted these actions and I play those games all the time and never get tired of them!
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Posted 6/20/16 , edited 7/11/16
i got a ps vita solely to play the persona series on it, and now that i've played them, i play some minecraft on it now and then.
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24 / M
Posted 6/27/16 , edited 7/11/16
I purchased a Vita solely for Persona 4: Golden and Ys: Memories of Celceta. However it's become my favorite handheld and now own several games for it (including PSP and PS1 downloads).
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Posted 6/27/16
I bought the PS vita for Persona 4 the golden but I didn't regret it because then loads of rpg games were available on the PS store and I downloaded a load of them and Danganroppa came out shortly after c:
Posted 7/1/16
I was going to buy the Xbox one for only the Halo 5 ...
but then...
I wasn't so sure ;;

If it was really worth it for the Halo 5
Posted 7/1/16 , edited 7/1/16
I don't see why people arbitrarily shouldn't. Consoles and video games are frivolous, no matter what. Might as well go for it. Besides, plans go awry. Someone who intends on merely playing one game may later invest in more, and vice-versa.
Posted 7/3/16
Why not? You may come to find some other titles for it that you may enjoy.
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29 / M / California
Posted 7/5/16 , edited 7/11/16
Xenoblade Chronicles X is a fantastic game. Is it worth buying a Wii U just to play it? Probably not. But the Wii U is in it's twilight hours now with the NX coming out next Spring and there a number of quality titles out for it. I'd recommend.
1. Mario Kart 8
2. Splatoon
3. Super Smash Bros
4. Bayonetta 1&2
5. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Those are my top 5 Wii U games not including Xenoblade Chronicles X (It'd be #1 if it were on this list btw)

Plus a new Paper Mario game is coming out in October and of course the new Legend of Zelda. But I'm going to get the NX version.
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49 / M / United States of...
Posted 7/6/16 , edited 7/11/16
Was a time when I considered getting a console game system for the Madden NFL and NASCAR
games, but thought better of it when I recalled that they kept coming out with a new version every
other year or so, making it impossible to keep up. I stick to PC gaming for now.
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Posted 7/8/16
I was tempted to do it for Bloodborne, but then I simply couldn't aford it at the time and never did... Maybe if that Neo thing turns out to be good I'll get it.
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26 / M / Norway
Posted 7/8/16
The only game so far that i want to have if i ever got WiiU has to be Rayman Legends!
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26 / M / usa
Posted 7/11/16
It might be better to wait for nx
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