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Others perception of others (or your own of others)
Posted 3/5/16 , edited 3/5/16
I like to leave the benefit of the doubt to the person...

In regards to fearing a person will do something bad, I don't want to be that person whose heart becomes so hardened over the course of time due to bad experiences with people.
It's always going to happen, nobody can escape verbal or physical abuse, whether it be in real life or on the internet, so I just learn to get over it fast.

I don't want to be that person who becomes so bitter over time and loses their gentleness due to bad experiences with people, I want to keep my gentle and nice personality. (ok maybe if i were raped or tortured by a serial killer... then maybe my personality would change, but if we're talking daily rudeness etc... i don't want those petty things to change me).
Posted 3/5/16 , edited 3/6/16
I have high anxiety. People make me extremely nervous all day.
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