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Posted 3/4/16 , edited 3/4/16
Forget the real thing--Vote for the randomized computer simulation, now on Twitter!

DeepDrumpf [email protected] 2h2 hours ago
[Kansas] They all said, “I don’t need anything. They had a horrible country, and has the special infrastructure, our country needs a rich.

DeepDrumpf [email protected] 19h19 hours ago
[Corruption] and it's nasty. But beautiful. So I want to thank you. I love donors and some bad today that were right to be lost.

DeepDrumpf [email protected] Mar 3
Equipment, I finally got to be stupid. We ought to send used equipment, right? I don’t need any, I love China. I mean I can take the country

DeepDrumpf [email protected] Mar 3
OK, it's amazing right now with ISIS, I tell you what? I don't want them to vote, the worst very social people. I love me.

(Oh, the Usenet days when we used to feed the key phrases from an annoying troll's six-paragraph rambles into a text-randomizing Markov Chain generator and see what came out. Those were golden times...Haven't been able to find one of those generators since then for MacOSX.
And thinking back, it's sobering just HOW much the real flesh-and-blood Drumpf sounds like the overly attention-struck actual Usenet trolls we used to get back in the day.)
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Posted 3/4/16 , edited 3/4/16

DeepDrumpf [email protected]
I’m what ISIS doesn’t need.

That's probably the best quote to use during a job interview or speech. So purrfect quote that I can't wait to use it in the future!
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