Time to ask some point of views (about politics)
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Posted 3/5/16 , edited 3/6/16
Just give your opinion in a calm way without being derogative with others.

I really don't want to ignite this spark but anyways, presidential elections are coming along with lots of Trump memes. And at first I felt really really offended with Donald Trump's facist-nazi policies against mexicans and immigration in which, in a near future and if this insane foolish man is elected as president he'll set an example that all mexicans are bad people (but this is not the main topic). But for me, as a Mexican my point of view was extremely narrow so I started to dig a little and found this article:


This article catapulted Trump to his candidacy, being this base to all Trump's policies and speeches.
So now I have this question, and I ask because I don't know about american laws. But a person (being legal or illegal) who commits a crime (in this case murder) doesn't it needs to pay and be prosecuted in the place where he commited the murder?
And is this the correct way to manage the situation? From my point of view this will give path to a Berlin Wall between USA and Mexico frontiers sowing hatred between the countries.
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Posted 3/6/16 , edited 3/6/16
The answer is, it depends on the law(s) being broken. Depending on the crimes being committed one could be prosecuted by federal courts, state courts, or local courts. In the case of murder it is generally handled in a local court. Now if a federal official, shall we say a postman, was killed in the line of duty that would make it a federal case.

I don't necessarily agree with Trump and his solution, but illegal immigration is a serious problem. According to the federal government there are at least 12 million people here illegally. Private organizations place this number much higher, generally around 20 million with as many as 12,000 more entering each day. To adjust for populations, this would be like Mexico suddenly having 7.6 million more people that the government generally has to support.

Almost 9 in 10 illegal immigrants in the United States receive government benefits according to Washington Examiner.

Crimes rates are also much higher. Despite making up about 4% of the population illegal immigrants account for 13.6% of criminal convictions. Some specific figures are especially worrisome. For example, illegal immigrants account for 20% of all kidnapping convictions . While true, not all illegal immigrants are criminals, but 2.1 million do have criminal convictions.

To many Americans these facts constitute a serious problem. It is a problem of increased financial burdens for society, increased law enforcement needs, and public safety hazard of so many undocumented people moving back and forth unregulated.

This is also compounded by the current Obama administration's method of dealing with these problems. That is, seeming to do everything in its power to make the problem worse. It has been said that American politics is like a pendulum. After one president the pendulum will swing to the opposite side. Obama was elected in response to the Bush presidency. Likewise, Trump is seen and has been perpetuating the idea that he is the exact opposite of everything Obama stands for. Thus so many Republicans are rallying to him.

As I said, I do agree with a wall as I feel it is impractical and will not have its desired outcome. But I do think this is a problem that needs addressed.
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Posted 11/25/17 , edited 11/26/17
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