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How many rooms would you like to have in your own house?
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Posted 3/7/16
Define house

If it simply defined as "the place I want to live" then:

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F / New York
Posted 3/8/16
3-4 rooms.
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22 / M / California
Posted 3/8/16
Room 1: Bedroom
Room 2: Bathroom - Small Bathtub
Room 3: Multimedia Room - Computers and Books and Stuff
Room 4: Kitchen

All of this would be preferably on the smaller side because a massive house to me seems like a waste of space.

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jabberwock island
Posted 3/8/16
I just need one... for myself
Posted 3/8/16 , edited 3/8/16
20 rooms.
Room 1 my skull collection.
Room 2 a fountain with me as the stature, room also contains various minor fountains.
Room 3 my control room, surveillance, stuff like that.
Room 4 my pantry room, it will contain my crackers.
Room 5 my throne room, will have various art works of myself on each side with the throne being at the end in the middle.
Room 6 my arcade room, dedicated to old fighting games and other games such as golden axe.
Room 7 my kitchen.
Room 8 my room for my dog, I want a golden kennel, a golden doggy bowl for his food and flowing clean water that he can drink from.
Room 9 my training room, gym equipment and the sort.
Room 10 my bathroom.
Room 11 my laundry.
Room 12 my room dedicated to scooby doo.
Room 13 my garden room .
Room 14 my toilet.
Room 15 my server room, has 50 computers all having high processor capabilities.
Room 16 my general entertainment room, massive TV and large speakers.
Room 17 my personal computer room.
Room 18 spare bedroom.
Room 19 spare toilet .
Room 20 my master bedroom.

Edit: A library room would also be pretty neato.
Posted 3/8/16
Five should be good. My current house have 6 bedrooms. More than 7 would be scary.
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26 / M / Fredericton, NB
Posted 3/8/16
I think like 8 would do

1)My room
2)master bathroom
3)Guest bathroom
5)living room)
6)tech/anime room
7)exercise room
8)food storage
9)guest bedroom
10) guest bedroom 2
11) guest bathroom 2
12)general storage

All with a badass central garden

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31 / M / UK
Posted 3/9/16
Posted 3/9/16 , edited 3/9/16
Just the essentials like a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom and maybe a guest room/study
Posted 3/9/16
All I need is two.
Posted 3/9/16
1. Kitchen
2. Master Bath
3. Living Room
4. Laundry
5. Half Bath
6. Master Bedroom
7. Guest Bedroom
8. Dining Room
9. Attic
10. Basement
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Posted 3/10/16

Living room
Dining room
Guest bathroom/Laundry
Basement/Play room
Full bath
Four bedrooms
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 11/25/17
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