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A Species Of.....
Posted 3/8/16 , edited 3/8/16
A species of ape, EatsRainbows procreate by laying eggs in each other's butts till there butts overflow with eggs and they cannot move, in which case they'll eat 97.456 kg of rainbows till satiated. They live in an area known as the "baka zone", which is located somewhere between Asia minor and Canada. They are well versed in the art of combat and will proceed to lay eggs in your butt till you collapse from the pain of birth.
Posted 3/8/16 , edited 3/8/16
The mighty peripheral visionary. It uses it's nipples to bring it's prey to the ground. It goes by the motto "it's not a victory unless they touch the floor".
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Posted 4/19/16 , edited 4/19/16
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