Post Reply Do you think there's any chance that they'll update the app on the Amazon App store?
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Posted 3/7/16 , edited 5/26/16
I wasn't quite sure where to put this its been a while since I've used the forums.

The CR app on the Google play store is currently at version 2.0.3 and it's all right but I usually prefer to watch on a larger screen even if I don't want to sit at my computer. "Ah ha," I thought "I'll use this Kindle Fire for that purpose." Unfortunately the version on the Amazon store is at version 0.9.7 and will, two or three times an episode turn the whole screen into a mess of pixels that won't resolve into a proper image for about ten seconds.

I've yet to see this in the Google play version so I'm going to guess that is was something that wslas ironed out in the preceeding two versions.
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Posted 3/30/16
On my kindle fire, it's not even in my appstore. It shows up on the amazon website but when I try to download it on to my kindle, it says "this app is not compatible with your device." Though, my friend downloaded it on hers last year but cuts out and crashes a lot. I'm hoping they update it soon and fix these problems.
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Posted 4/2/16 , edited 6/19/16
The Fire OS 5.1.1 update prevents the use of the crunchyroll app on kindle devices. I assume that amazon removed the app from the app store when 5.1.1 went live. I've contacted the app developers and received a work request number but have yet to receive any information concerning if or when a security compatable CR app will be updated for my kindle fire. I find the lack of information to be extremely frustrating. Loosing the convenience of watching CR content on my portable device, which is my preferred method, hinders my enjoyment. Enjoyment that I pay for monthly. I see no reason why we not receiving information on the time frame and development of an app update.
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