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Posted 3/7/16 , edited 3/7/16
Hi, I'm looking for a manga, preferably not on-going (I'd like it to already be all written so that I don't have to wait for new chapters... or maybe that's one of the things with manga? ). But if they're on-going that's fine, what's more important is that it's a good one!

Mangas I've read that I enjoyed are Chobits, God Child, Love Hina, Skip Beat, and a manga about Alice in Wonderland which I don't remember the name of... and some animes that I like are Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Usagi Drop, Elfen Lied, Vampire Knight, Aku No Hana (Flowers of Evil) and Polar Bear Cafe.

I don't like anime or manga that has too much fantasy in it. It's okay though if it's not too much... idk how to explain it lol.

Anything you'd recommend?

Edit: one more thing. my all-time favorite anime is baka no test to shoukanjuu!
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Posted 3/7/16 , edited 3/7/16
For an anime and manga fix somewhat like Elfen Lied in terms of darkness and brutality with strong females, try Claymore. Good manga and anime. For anime, since you liked Baka Test (love it!) try My Bride is a Mermaid if you haven't seen it yet.
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Posted 3/7/16
Since you liked The Flowers of Evil I highly, highly recommend reading Inside Mari. It's by the same author and in my opinion it's his best work yet. It is ongoing, but it definitely feels like there's an end in sight so I'm sure it will end within 3 years. You can read it on crunchyroll and it's such a fantastic exploration with who you are, and perceptions people put on you.Shi ni

Another great manga is Kuragehime, or princess jellyfish, which is also on crunchyroll. Again, it's an ongoing manga, but it's so unique. It's about these outcast girls living together who come across a cross dressing boy who tries to make them more confident and open instead of hiding in their rooms. And later on it's about them trying to make a dress company and selling their designs. Absolutely fantastic.

As for manga that are done already I'd say Hikaru no Go, which is about the game Go and has 23 volumes. But know that it was sort of cut short so the ending may not be that satisfying. However, it is very character driven and you watch these characters actually age in the story so I find it riveting.

Shi ni Itaru Yamai, or Sickness unto Death. It's only two volumes long and it's like a light version of The Flowers of Evil. It's about a sick girl and a college guy falling in love.

Anything by Naoki Urasawa is a must read. All his works are relatively short and complete. I highly recommend 20th century boys, you'll be hooked in 2 volumes, and it has 22 in total. He's done Pluto which is like a modern telling of Astro boy with around 8 volumes, and Monster which is a phenomenal psychological drama about a doctor making the decision to save a boy from death than a politician and because of that the politician dies and the doctor looses his job, but years later finds out that the boy he saved turned into a serial killer. This was released in two in ones recently having 9 volumes I think (originally 18).

Alternative would be Beck, which is all about becoming a band and getting famous. I'd recommend the anime over the manga only because you actually hear the music and it's wonderful. The anime covers about half the manga.

I'll second Claymore. It's really fun and the architecture is so well drawn. It's typical hack and slash hero story to me, but it's entertaining with 27 volumes.

And finally anything by Takehiko Inoue. His characters are off the charts and he makes telling phenomenal stories look easy. But, just know that he usually tackles sports, such as basketball, and samurais mostly.

Sorry this is a really long post, but I hope I made a diverse list enough.
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Posted 3/7/16
Most of these have anime, but I'd recommend that you read the manga--it's almost always better:

Similar to Love Hina:
(one guy, many girls)
To Love Ru
Umi no Misaki
Mayo Chiki

(guy living with girl he loves, along with cast of wacky side characters)
Maison Ikkoku
Ai Yori Aoshi
Orange Yane no Chiisane Ie (in this case, the wacky side-characters are the kids...)

Similar to Usagi Drop:
(The trials and joys of raising someone else's child)
Aishiteruze Baby
Papa to Mama Hajimemashita (very short manga)
Listen to Me Girls, I am Your Father! (English name of the anime; the manga version usually uses the Japanese name Papa no Ikuto..)

Similar to Chobits:
(romances with just a bit of a sci-fi element)
Ashita Dorobou
Gacha Gacha: Capsule

Similar to Skip Beat:
(romances about girls who work in the Japanese Entertainment industry)
Cat Street
Voice Over
Koisome Momiji

(romances about young women striving to become strong and independent)
Kare Kano (AKA His and Her Circumstances)
Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
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Posted 3/8/16
Thank you for all the suggestions! I'm just about to start reading Sekai Oni, anyone has heard anything about that one or read it? I'm definitely going to check out your other suggestions as well!
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