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Posted 3/8/16 , edited 3/8/16
Hello everyone!
I'm sure that this has come up more than once in many of people's heads, including mine. If you ever created an anime/manga, what would it be?
Please be open minded of each other, and feel free to give tips and advices! (I'm sure that most of us aren't pro).

This is the general criteria, follow if you will.
Genre (Could be more than one)
Audience (Shonen, seinen, etc)
Art style (I know you imagine it in your own style, but what can we compare it to?)
A brief summary (Or not brief, its up to you)
And anything extra you would like to include (Drawings? Extra details?)

This would be mine:
Genre: Action with some romance and comedy
Audience: Probably seinen
Art style: If its manga then I really love Kōhei Horikoshi's work on Boku no Hero Academia, if anime then either Type-Moon's Fate/stay night or Madhouse's One Punch Man (One's work on the One Punch Man manga is superb as well).
A man wakes up on a bed in a location completely unknown to him. The first thing that he sees in front of him is a tv: it seems that the news are on. The war has ended, most rebells have been crushed, and order has been restored. All of this was accomplished under the leadership of Prime One, the ultimate ruler of the country (dictator). Disgusted by the thoughts of millions of innocents dying, the man curses Prime One. But a look in the mirror changes everything, for he looks exactly like Prime One he saw on tv. What could be worse than cursing your own efforts?

And a little extra story from me:
Basically, Prime One ends up escaping from his own empire through the efforts of his loyal butler, who sacrifices himself. Lost in the woods on the outskirts of his empire, he is found by the last remaining members of the rebellion. He gets captured and almost tortured, until he tells them that he wants to fight for the rebellion. Many missions come, and Prime One slowly earns the trust and ultimately through heroic acts becomes one of the leaders. On the last raid on the empire, Prime One looses his loved one amidst battle and goes insane, easily overcoming empire's resistance. Disillusioned and broken, Prime One unknowingly establishes another dictatorship, but this time he is determined to rule.

Then the story focuses on a child who was rescued by Prime One in the rebellion missions. The child idolizes Prime One, and hopes to be a hero like him in the future. He joins the rebellion and trains vigorously, also rising in the ranks. After the rebels conquer the empire, the kid saw Prime One turn into the monster he once cursed himself. 10 years after, the kid is grown up now and has his own army of rebels. After a bloody fight, the kid ends up killing Prime One in a duel. After that he is established as the new king, who ruled with peace and dignity.

I'm sorry if this seems a bit confusing. The story gets better with all the details in it, as well as its definitely not completely thought through. (Its just an idea )
Thank you for reading!
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