Gundam Unicorn
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Posted 3/8/16
Hey guys I've been really wanting to watch Gundam Unicorn for awhile now but I'm not sure how much prior material I should see to really get the most to of it? Is the original series enough(i'm currently about a 4th through it) or can I go in with just a general knowledge of what Gundam is?
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Posted 3/8/16
You really should watch quite a bit before watching Unicorn. Do you want to watch in chronological order or release order?

I prefer chronological myself.

You can first just watch the first three Gundam Movies. they compress the original Gundam series down for a more manageable watch, then go from there.

I typically suggest watching ALL of Zeta Gundam, but you can also condense it down into 3 movies.

Chronological order:

1. (3) Mobile Suit Gundam movies

2. 08th MS Team

3. War in the Pocket

4. Stardust Memory

5. (3) Zeta Gundam movies

6. ZZ Gundam

7. Char’s Counterattack

8. Gundam Unicorn

Some people say you should also watch Igloo between 08th MS Team and War in the Pocket. I say watch all you can, but if you just want to get to Unicorn fast as possible you can skip it.
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Posted 3/8/16
^Yep, watch at least Gundam 0079 and Zeta Gundam first, and maybe Char's Counterattack, to give you the context needed.
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Posted 12/31/17
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