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The Irregular at Magic High School Movie
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Posted 6/10/17 , edited 6/10/17
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Posted 6/20/17 , edited 6/21/17
Okay, so I caught up, and I feel some scenes were cool, Tatsuya was a bit overpowered, far too much technobabble, and to be honest, I really dislike the anime.

To voice why I dislike it, other antagonizing characters of a certain belief just go into straight up strawmens for Tatsuya to defeat and disprove, and ultimately for the story and by extension author to villain, and this perhaps is far more prominent once it gets into the merits of their meritocratic system in Irregular At Magic High School.

One of the reasons why writing a book, an essay, or otherwise to provide arguments for a point is that, unlike a real time discussion, no one can reply to you long after till you published the work, and one will mostly be out of earshot from their critics. That's why it is important to be self aware and somewhat doubtful. You may make mistakes in logic that would get pointed out by an opposing critic, you could forget to apply logic in of itself. Point being, is that the novel suffers from being unable to prove Tatsuya's point without making the terrorists walking parodies in of themselves, and their causes. Critics from anywhere or anyone can be your best editor, and honestly, it doesn't appear the author wants to do anything more than make Tatsuya not only a surrogate for people to insert themselves in, but a self gratifying fantasy to promote his own views, that while overly politicized nor without merit, are utterly simplified as the people Tatsuya faces, and hardly supported.

Strawmens in this case means literal strawmens. They are extreme, they are terrorists, but they represented a faction the author opposed as to make them so extreme as to make Tatsuya seem sensible in comparison, and to an extent, that isn't a bad thing if only Tatsuya wasn't already praised in being perfect and them being cardboard cutouts without sensible wants or needs, you know, things that would make them seem a bit rational?

Not every side has a legitimate point in my view, but all the ethos regarding discrimination and such, it seems utterly silly and even self defeating to the debate when Tatsuya reaffirms the author's belief, and the story molds to fit said belief.

I was expecting more regarding the High School Experience versus how it determines the rest of your life, especially when the mass production of school brought on by something like the entrance exam is under scrutiny, which Tatsuya fails to address. I mean....really? Why doesn't he acknowledge the exam as a societal problem than something that personally afflicted him?

My thoughts.

I am halfway through, and you may ask why I am watching an anime that so greatly displeases me. Truth is, I want to compliment the anime on something. Tatsuya didn't seem so emotionless around his sister, and he seemed reasonably capable. I also want to refine my opinion. That being said, if you are upset by my comment, I apologize for offending you. I do not want to take away your enjoyment of the series, nor does my criticism have any real bearing on such. It shouldn't. I just like ranting.
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