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Posted 3/9/16 , edited 3/9/16
Sometimes life imitates art, and sometimes life kind of imitates video games.

In Battlefield 4 there's a South China Sea map called Paracel Storm which supposedly takes place in the Paracel Islands.

Now, China is building a whole bunch of bases in the disputed Paracel chain, loading them up with long range radar installations, SAM sites and even air strips.

In the not-impossible but extremely unlikely powerball lottery chance of an actual full-on military confrontation, the US Navy would be tasked with destroying those bases for its allies. Then it might, one in a trillion chance, actually end up looking like THE MAP. Assuming ballistic missiles are launched from the mainland with the help of those newly built radar facilities and one of the missiles actually manage to heavily damage an aircraft carrier, explaining the messed up half-sunk carrier (Capture point E) on THE MAP:

Of course that still doesn't explain the random destroyer that's running aground, but you get the 3 pictures.
(A real war is not fun and games, but it's fun to note this strange turn of semi-coincidence)
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Posted 3/9/16
Is this the map with that Megalodon? lol
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