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Did you ever did pervert things irl?
Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/10/16
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/10/16

Sagenaruto68 wrote:

Did you ever did pervert things irl? Or want to do?

Keep this thread as clean, don't post something that will lock this thread.

If thread like this exist let me know

che9458 wrote:

XXX (Adult Themes described) XXX One time I watched and waited for it to be my turn to fuck a girl who wanted it.

And this is why we can't really have these sorts of threads. To answer them fully and honestly would not be in accordance with CR's site rules. To restrain oneself from saying such things anyway is something many folks don't think to do or don't want to do, and mods don't really have the time to be monitoring for such things for the sake of such a frivolous thread.

So, I've closed it.

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