need anime reccomendations
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/10/16
looking for some anime to watch that I haven't seen before I usually like watching darker anime in general my favs would have to be elfen lied, parasyte the maxim, another, future diary, berserk, hellsing, AoT, btoom, serial experiments lain and I could probably go on for some more titles but im going to just stop there lol but anything that is somewhat the same genre of any of these
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/11/16
This season I'd check out both Erased (CR) and Ajin (Netflix, not being simulcast).

Afro Samurai is Samuel L. Jackson being Afro Samurai.
Basilisk is about two warring ninja clans; pretty old school with lots of killing.
Black Lagoon is about smugglers operating out of a city run by different crime syndicates.
Black Rock Shooter has a parallel world where alter egos battle out the characters' emotions.
Boogiepop Phantom is a mystery you have to try and piece together from different stories.
C: Money of Soul and Possibility Control has you bet your future and present in bizarre battles.
Casshern Sins is a singularly beautiful but very dark series about living, dying, and mortality.
Claymore is a dark fantasy in the vein of Berserk although it doesn't have as much going for it.
Death Note is a supernatural crime thriller between a powerful killer and the detective hunting him.
Death Parade is about judging people's souls in a space between death and the afterlife.
Ergo Proxy is a brooding cyberpunk about a ruined world, mysterious beings, and shotguns.
Fate/Zero is a prequel to FSN written by Gen Urobuchi and spectacularly animated by SHAFT.
Gunslinger Girl is about children trained as assassins to combat the mafia in Italy and their handlers.
Heaven's Memopad is about young investigators and touches on teen prostitution, suicide, drugs, etc.
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade is PTSD-laden alternative history as a Little Red Riding Hood variant.
Kara no Kyoukai/Garden of Sinners is a movie series in the extended universe of FSN.
Madoka Magica is an obvious one from 2011, from your criteria you should definitely check it out.
Mardock Scramble is a great looking cyberpunk crime thriller animated by Gohands.
Monster is about a serial killer in Europe in the 90s and the brain surgeon being framed for his crimes.
RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne is a supernatural thriller about immortals and a hidden magic.
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal is a dark samurai tragedy about Kenshin's origins.
Selector Infected WIXOSS is about girls wrapped up in a dark mystery around a card game.
Shin Sekai Yori/From the New World has some pretty unique horror vibes for most of its run.
Steins;Gate is a time-travel thriller about changing the past in an uncertain present.
Texhnolyze is cyberpunk about an isolated underground city descending into violence.
Tokyo Ghoul has parallels with Parasyte though the adaptation was rocky at times.
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/11/16
seen pretty much all of those except for selector infected WIXOSS and heaven's memo pad, but i'll check those ones out thx
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Posted 3/11/16 , edited 3/11/16

Black Butler: Book of Circus
Black Butler: Book of Murder
Box of Goblins
Denpa Teki na Kanojo
Future Diary
M3: The Dark Metal
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Red Garden
Ryoko Case Files
Soul Link
Speed Grapher
The Skull Man

I definitely second Insomnist's suggestion of Heaven's Memo Pad too.
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/12/16
speed grapher sounds really familiar idk why but I feel like I saw ir most of the others i've seen except for skull man, interlude, m3, soul link and black butler but idk how I feel about black butler it seemed kinda meh to me but I have never actually seen a ep just going off of ;like synopsis
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/13/16
Ninja Scroll
Gantz (should probably skip the anime and read them manga)
Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal
Ashita no Joe (if it's too old read the manga)
Princess Mononoke
Grave of the Fireflies
I know some more manga recs if you want them.
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/14/16
seen em. I really liked gantz but the dubbed version is just really fucking bad lol and I really liked rainbow suprisingly I thought I would hate it when reading the synopsis on it but turned out hella good as for manga I dont really read any although I might try idk
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Posted 3/18/16 , edited 3/19/16
Try Psycho Pass?
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Posted 3/31/16 , edited 4/1/16
sorry about the delayed reply idk if you'll even read this flew to the east coast to see fam for a minute, but I have seen psycho pass. I liked it. It to me is pretty much an anime take on minority report so I feel like the general concept isn't that original but it had its own feel to it at the same time
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 1/1/18
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