Still into Minecraft?
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/11/16
If anyone is down to play minecraft or looking to get into the game again, just add me on skype: miguelagudelo2017. I've been looking for people to play with but everyone i know pretty much stopped playing aha
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Posted 3/11/16 , edited 3/11/16
whats so fun about it?
Well I did like the quite amazing maps yogcast did a.... while back with a nice story telling + how they made the world etc. (most have taken days to create)

While there is some mods I love from the techincal ones (industry - focus on machines/tekkit, tale of Kingdoms - RPG creaing own kingdom by completing quests from the castle so a path to kingship, some village management mods doing some city building all over the place, guns/vehicles, other worlds and so on like Aether)ars magica - magic! (toomuch magic to learn)

+ runescape in minecraft a bit silly but could work with maps or good random generated maps (would love this be done for a "real 3D game" or rather a first person/skyrim similar game)

Vikkstar123 - Minecraft RUNESCAPE

I got bored with Minecraft as much is time wasting roaming around.. Zzzz....
rather want to play a campaign or a "better" game like skyrim or something else.
And how they use minecraft to Progress in Programming (just general scripting for mods or security and all sort of things)
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/12/16
Why don't you go play roblox like a true fart baby you filthy casuals.
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/12/16
I still play if I feel like getting creative but unfortunately my interwebs is not built for online play.

Edit: Before the new update pissed me off (cause I had to start over) I was working on a wall that looked nice but worked at fending off mobs.

What made me angry the most is that I did all of it legitly, no creative mode. But I had to create a new world in order to use the new blocks.
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Posted 5/16/16 , edited 5/16/16
a bit off subject but ive always tolerated minecraft because its one the few games i can play with my hotness(she loves it i hate it)......and then i found creativerse on steam which is a free to play minecraft clone that is actually fun to play and its been a blast ever since
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Posted 5/17/16 , edited 5/17/16
Ah. I dont play this game. But i know it is funny . But as a boy i dont play so lovely game.
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Posted 5/18/16 , edited 5/18/16
Only Pocket Edition now. Got it on all platforms since it's cross-platform and I'm always on the move. Runs better on cheap windows computers too!
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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