The dawning of VR and how it will affect your Anime View habits!
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Posted 3/10/16 , edited 3/11/16
Hello and welcome to the topic which is that of the VR!

For myself I don't believe it would change my viewing habit too much. Thought the though of being able to watch it in any position seems more comforting.

I personally think this is gonna inspire more Anime that are like

Though! it opens up more options for animators to take a new perspective on how they all viewers to view there work! Which is a good thing in my books.

All and all I'm just curious is others had a similar though or other opinions on the matter. :3
Posted 3/11/16 , edited 3/11/16
3d viewing isn't new and there are some movie made for it.
VR headsets are no different and are made for what's already intended for 3d.
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