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Post Reply My story. Something I'd like to make a reality
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Posted 5/29/16

sundin13 wrote:

Humms wrote:

sundin13 wrote:

Out of curiosity, why did you decide to not give your characters a realistic skeleton (primarily in the torso)?

Cause I suck at drawing there's really no way of sugar costing it. I just sit there and keep drawing until I think the final product is worthy for others to view

Haha, okay, I wasn't sure if it was a stylistic choice. Don't forget that you are drawing bones under all that flesh. Think about how a rib cage would play into your torso shapes. It tends to be fairly straight down about halfway, and then dip in a little if the person is skinny.

I'm not exactly an amazing artist, but heres a circle man with scrawny legs in the same position (or similar) as your new dude.

I like to think that when we forget something like time we can create anything.

Take away something simple like structure, or what is underneath our skin and all you are left with is an image, although it is generally helpful in understanding how our body actually moves, remember that it isnt the bones that create that movement. Bones define the body, and that is something I haven't full grasped yet, but I am understanding more and more everytime i begin a new drawing.

I only draw a stick figure of a pose, and it seems to work well, but I need to find out how to really define a few things, so I can really express a powerful drawing
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Posted 5/29/16

Humms wrote:
I like to think that when we forget something like time we can create anything.

Take away something simple like structure, or what is underneath our skin and all you are left with is an image, although it is generally helpful in understanding how our body actually moves, remember that it isnt the bones that create that movement. Bones define the body, and that is something I haven't full grasped yet, but I am understanding more and more everytime i begin a new drawing.

I only draw a stick figure of a pose, and it seems to work well, but I need to find out how to really define a few things, so I can really express a powerful drawing

I usually work with a shape based outline. I think stick figures help with proportions but shapes are a lot easier to build off of and give a better grasp of perspective and structure. The image is too big to fit, but I think it shows off the shape drawing a little better than I did

Working with more complicated shapes can give an even better outline:

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Posted 7/5/16
Chap 3- Watchful eyes take hold

The sound of a crackling fire can be heard. Dante, Aanna, the woman and Shtickles are all gathered around the warm fire as Shtickles begins to tell his story.
“ Right now the night will conceal these creatures, only when awaken, their true form takes hold. I do not expect you to know what I speak of, but instead I will try to explain. During the night, the air begins to become heavy with spirit. Spirits are something we see as untapped energy, a force that has taken form, so long as it finds a suitable source of power to sustain that form. Some creatures are limited to certain amounts of exposure to the increase of spiritual energy, and we like to have names for these creatures due to their limitations we have found”

“ So you mean these things can harm us?” Dante replies.

“So you assume that these creatures are meant for harm?” Shtickles responds

“ Well if they have limitations that means you already found out how strong it is”

“ precisely, but these creatures carry with them a unique set of skills. Some more dangerous than others”

“ So how did these creatures show up in the first place?” Aanna replies

“ We do not know why, we believe that when the wall was created, not to long things started becoming more dangerous within the wall”

“ So what creatures do you know of?” Dante speaks

“ Well since we aren’t very far from the wall itself, we call this perimeter 1, just on the edge of crossing over into perimeter 2. There are however only 4 perimeters within this wall, and the level of danger spikes the further in you venture . Sectors is a more suitable word for this”

“ So the level of danger where we are is nothing to worry about?”

“ No my friend, it is actually the opposite, I only say the further you cross over these sectors the threat level will increase, that means there will be more powerful creatures, not in numbers, but in pure spiritual energy. For instance, right now this fire is keeping us safe from the potential threat of low level creatures, though somewhat weak in power, they are strong in numbers. The weaker the creature, that means spiritual energy can manifest many of these forms in great quantities. Fire has a greater power output from its radiant energy, so they will fear it since their energy output is weaker”

“ I think I get it” Dante responds

“ these creatures within this sector are known as I.I.Ks, they will manifest into quadrupedal creatures, though their defining features are not clear, we simply see them as animals in the form of spiritual energy. They are very ruthless and deadly creatures, though very frail and weak in power, they have acquired an ability to render others immobile whoever comes into contact with them .

“ That sounds very dangerous” The woman replies

“ Indeed, which is why we have settled within the 3rd perimeter, keeping the 4th perimeter our only concern as of now, those who manage to stay within the 1st and 2nd perimeter, they will not last long when exposed to such creatures.”

“ so its almost like they are cornering you”

“ Do You think we have not already determined this? It is almost as if nature itself is fighting back against us”

“ For what you have done?” Luna responds

“ What he has done ( Shtickles begins to sigh )”

“ So what happens now?” Aanna speaks

“ I would like to know myself” Shtickles replies

“ Well at least a few things are cleared up” as Dante lays back down on the ground.

“Hmmm” Aanna leans back onto both of her arms.

Clouds suddenly begin to expose the bright moon shining some light past the trees. Aanna begins to gasp as she quickly leans back up towards the girl.

“I have a name !”

The girl looks to Aanna



“hmmm, I think it fits well” as you hear Dante from the ground

“Do you like it?

Luna smiles and nods her head.

As she looks up into the sky.

” well I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to call it a night” as Aanna stretches and yawns

A sudden chilled breeze sweeps through the area. Aanna begins to shiver as she looks at Lunas tail and begins to crawl towards it giving it a slight hug. Luna is hesitant for a moment, but soon just looks at Aanna with a slight smile. Shtickles digs himself a tiny hole near by the warm fire.

” Ahhh relaxing warmth, Good night humans!”

As night turns to day we can see the sun beaming through some trees in the forest. A look at an ash fire still crackling in the brisk morning. We see Luna open her eyes slightly and leans up off the ground while Aanna is snoring away on her tail. Luna notices Dante is not present. Her ear begins to twitch, and she looks off into the distance. She takes her tail from Aanna and gets up to walk towards something. Luna begins to walk through the forest alone as she begins to faintly hear some grunting off somewhere in the distance. We can soon see Dante doing some pull ups on a nearby tree. Luna walks closer as she inspects him.

”I find it odd that you would be doing something so strenuous”

Dante stops for a moment, chuckles slightly, and drops down from the branch.

“It seems like you rested well, and those ears must be working just fine”

”Senses I once had are returning to me slowly, but Don’t you need rest? You sound very, un easy ” Luna replies

” It’s hard for me to say, ever since I have been in this body, sleep becomes…. Painful, so I find other ways to deal with it ”

“ That sounds very odd for one to never sleep”

Luna just stares at Dante for a moment swaying her tail.

” Anyways, how do you like it so far?” Dante breaks the tension

” like what?”

” Being human”

Luna puts a slightly shocked look on her face.

“ Well, it’s rather strange, I guess.”

” I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable, after all I do see you smiling a lot more”

Luna flashes back memories, and begins to blush.

” Why do I feel this way?” as Luna becomes flustered and begins to fidget with her hands

” If there is one thing I can say about being human, emotions run wild within us, but that’s what separates us from one another. It shows ones true nature. What you feel is happiness ”

“ I… I have no understanding of these emotions”

Dante walks up to her as she begins to put her head down. Dante places a hand on her head and begins give it a slight tussle, but slowly just keeps his hand gently placed on her head as he begins to pull away from her.

Luna looks up to Dante as her flustered behavior subsides.

“ You just need a little contact is all, being neglected from human embrace has made you unsure. Since you never experienced it before.

Dante gives her a smile and continues back up to the tree. Luna just stares at Dante for a bit still slightly in a way flattered from his response, not knowing why.

” How do you know so much about being human?”

”I couldn’t give you a straight answer even if I tried. You’ll have to ask me again when I find out ”

Luna smirks and heads back towards Aanna and Shtickles. We are takin back to camp as Aanna is seen yawning leaning up from the ground. We slowly are in view of Stickles on top of her head. Aanna looks up to her head as she feels a bit of weight on top of her head, feeling Shtickles on top she lets out small giggle, but soon just closes her eyes and smiles. The sound of leaves rustling on the ground can be heard, and Luna makes her way back to camp.

” Morning Luna!” Aanna begins to shout

Shtickles jumps up surprised and falls off Aannas head from being woken up by her loud voice.

” Must you be so loud! The nerve”

” I didn’t see you having any problem napping on my head” as she moves in closer to Shtickles, and throws a very snarky grin on her face. Shtickles gets up quickly blushing.

“ Oh, heh heh, whatever do you mean?”

” Good job yesterday Luna, I never seen soo many fish caught like that before”

” Its nothing really” as Luna kneels down by Aanna.

” Are you ready for today? I’m so excited! Were finally going to see the village”

Luna just looks at her puzzled.

” Yes, but I must warn you that this will not be an easy task I’ll have you know, it has been a while since I have taken in newcomers” Shtickles explains

” But we can count on you can we?” Aanna slowly picks up Shtickles as he begins to flail in her hands.

” What is a village?”

Aanna drops Shtickles

” That’s right, you’ve never seen a village with people before. Well let’s just say we might find some more friends when we get there, ( Aanna begins to smile) Like all of us”

Footsteps coming from the forest can be heard, and Dante emerges back from his exercise.

” Ahh yes the transportation” Dante shoots Shtickles a look.

” So what do you say guys, heading out?”

” Why are you all sweaty?” Aanna replies

” I don’t sleep much”

” Fine with me, lets get you back to work then!”

” Easy for you to say”

Dante walks over to pick up the wagon.

” Well one thing’s for sure, I need to get me some real meat” Dantes stomach begins growl as he lets out a sigh.

” Well maybe if you didn’t work out so much you wouldn’t be so hungry” As they all get on the wagon.

” I can’t help it, my body won’t stay still for long, that’s probably why I have this wagon to be honest”

Dante begins to pull out towards the path.

” Well you’ll be glad to hear our taverns serve the finest meats in the land”

Dante just imagines it and has a look of pleasure on his face.

” But you need to do me something when we get there, so don’t get your hopes up”

” Hey come on it’s your job to help us right?”

” And it’s your job to help me keep you safe, for a small favor of course”

Without hesitation Dante answers him.” what is it now?”

” Well there is this strange fellow that has been showing up as of late, and I believe he might be a valuable asset for you”

” Whats the catch?” Dante begins to become warry

” catch” Shtickles becomes hesitates. Dante lets out a sigh

” You know Shtickles, you’re a bad liar”

Shtickles puts a shocked look on his face

“ Absolutely not! I’m 100% certain”

” Then what’s so important that we need to see him ourselves?”

” Because this is no ordinary man, he has a power that I think you might find useful”
” power? Like what?” Aanna joins in.

” That’s what I want you to find out”

” So you don’t even know if this person is who you say he is” Dante questions Shtickles

” Well I just know, I can feel a presence from him, I just know it; Please, you must do this”

” Ok Shtickles, for you, anything” Aanna ends the line of questioning as she smiles and giggles. Shtickles sighs with relief and plops down.

“ Good”

” You better be right about this” as Dante continues forward looking ahead.

” To the victor go the spoils my friend, I will take you to the largest tavern we have”

” Hard to believe you have ties to humans”

” I am royalty good sir, and in fact I’m more worthy than you in my kingdom”

Dante grabs Shtickles with one hand.

“ Say that again buddy”

” Heh heh, to far”
Dante puts Shtickles on his head.

” So how far is this village?” Luna eagerly replies

” Getting anxious I see, why so spontaneous all of a sudden?” Aanna starts to feel Lunas interest

” The talk of meat is familiar to me (as she softens her tone) I would enjoy some….”

Luna looks off slightly.

” You better have a lot of meat Shtickles, I’m counting on you”

” Worry not, I will have an entire feast once you finish what I ask for”

The scene fades. The sound of a wagon can be heard rolling across a dirt road, and in the distance we see a village.

” This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see new people, do you think they will like us?” Aanna in a cheerful mood

” I’m sure you’ll do fine my dear, let’s just worry about the task at hand first”

” Geez you’re really set on this guy”

” This is for your own benefit, now instead of worrying about your trivial arrangements, let’s try to make this matter civil.”

” Civil?” Aanna being unsure of what Shtickles meant.

”(sigh..) be friendly”

” What makes you think I wouldn’t? I’m probably the friendliest person out there”

Aanna puts on a smile. Dante and Shtickles let out a sigh and both drop their heads slightly. Shortly after they come across the entrance of the village, no guards; So they continue to walk through into the village.

“Funny, I expected to be stopped before we entered”

“ No need for that here, this is a safe zone, and home to the finest taverns and inns… Well, for your standards at least.”

” So where is this mystery man?” Dante continues

” He’s not hard to miss, he’s always covering up his face with a tattered cloak.”

” First things first, you need to get us somewhere to put my wagon”

”Oh don’t worry about that now, we’ll be just fine walking with it through the crowd, people here are accustomed to that”

They begin to make their way through the village as they begin to get strange looks. Aanna just smiles with excitement as they pass by on lookers.

“ Maybe Seeing someone pulling a wagon isn’t something you see every day.... so Shtickles”

” What is it?”

“ What do we do when we find this person?”

” Isn’t it obvious, I want you to get his attention. If you can get him to cooperate with you, I’m sure there is great reward from it”

Dante just begins to look forward, scanning the area slightly. The crowd slowly notices Luna on the wagon, and they start to look her way.

” I wonder why they’re looking so shocked.” Aanna says.

Shtickles suddenly lets out a grunt of realization, as he scurry’s for the blanket to cover Lunas ears.

” That’s right, I don’t think these people have ever seen something like this before “ as she looks at Lunas covered face

Luna not moving at all with the blanket over her head.

” Heh heh, I completely forgot your situation, don’t take this the wrong way, it’s simply for your safety”

Luna grabs shtickles with one hand as the blanket begins to steam up. The wagon suddenly stops.

” Hey shtickles” Dante speaks up

As shtickles gasps for air.

“ Wh…a.t!”

“ I think I found our man”

Luna lets go of Shtickles as he plops down onto the wagon. Shtickles waddles over towards Dante.

” That’s him! Now all you have to do is gain his interest”

” Interest huh, hey Aanna; I have a proposition for you ”

” You want me to do it?”

” Yup”

Aanna jumps over the wagon and begins to walk over to the man as Dante puts the wagon down and ready’s for the show to begin. Aanna begins to close the distance between herself and the man. She walks behind the man and begins to tap on his shoulder. The man turns around towards Aanna with a cloaked face.

” You know it’d be great if you didn’t have that bag over your face so I could talk with you”

The man grunts and begins to clench his fist.

“ Do I have your attention?”

” You have some nerve talking to me like that” The man speaks with a very stern tone

” Oh really, and what’s wrong with a little one on one?”

The man suddenly throws back his cloak exposing his face. Aannas expression changes slightly to a confused look.

“ You have no eyes? (said with a calm tone)”

” Idiot! You know nothing about these eyes!”

” If you’re blind you should have just said so”

The man puts on an angered face.

” Do you know who I am!?”

” Nope, but I know about you”

Aanna begins to giggle as she is not phased from speaking with the man. The man looks at Aanna and changes his expression to a calm one, Aanna begins to look at the man with intrigue as we pan back to Shtickles and the rest.

” Well done, it looks like we have his attention, well then, before people start to get suspicious we need to get you two somewhere more, secluded” As Luna rips off the blanket from her head.

We see Shtickles, Luna, and Dante heading towards an Inn.

” Here we are. There’s a spot for your wagon here, and we can get you a room after we get back to Aanna. the feast will be yours.”

Dante sets the wagon down, and they all begin to make their way back to Aanna. We are taken to a scene where both Aanna and the man are seen walking about the village.

” So you’re not shocked about my eyes?”

Aanna begins to focus on a chicken roaming about.

” No, it just seemed odd I guess, I’ve only seen people with actual eyes, and the way things have been; I don’t think anything can really bother me”

” Out of all the people I have seen, You look nothing like the others”

“ Hmm ?” as Aanna is unsure of what the man meant.

as she turns towards him.

” It’s nothing. You are actually the first in a while to make me lose my head like that”

” Well since I spent some time with you, and since you are really interested in me ( Aanna begins to take control) that means you have to do something for me” Aanna begins to playfully circle the man

” What would that be?”

” You have to come with us”

” Are you crazy?”

” I don’t think you have an option”

” Are you sure you didn’t hit your head today?”

Aanna gives him an angered look and walks close to the man.

” Do I look crazy to you?!” as she begins to get in his face

The Man looks at her with the calmest face, and after a slight pause.

“ Yes”

Aanna puts on an even greater anger.

” Oh yea!? well, your eyes are stupid! To think I made you take that bag off your face”

As they begin to butt heads with intention to fight.

” What did you say bitch!”

Dante, Shtickles and Luna walk towards Aanna and the man. Shtickles lets out a sigh.

” Were doomed”

The man sees Luna out of the corner of his eye, and pushes Aanna out of the way making her fall.

” This is !?” the man quickly changes focus.

He runs off with a short grunt as his cloak goes back over his head. Aanna gets up and trys to run over to him.

” Where is he? I’ll show him!”

” Well you did manage to get his attention.”

” Can we eat now, I’m starving”

Aanna stands with an angered face while clenching her fists in a pouty mood. We cut to a man taking a bite of some meat, Dante and Luna in glory with the feat in front of them.

” I told you this would be worth your while”

” Uh huh” As he ignores Shtickles, as Luna and Dante devour their food.

Anna comes walking in.

” This place is amazing! I never knew it would be this fun”

Aanna finds a seat at the table. She begins to cross her arms and place her chin over them.

” Still, he never did come with us,( having a slight look of disappointment )”

” Well I’m impressed, I don’t think anyone has made him throw back his cloak in a long time.” Shtickles remarks

” So you’ve seen his eyes before?”

” Of course, why would I want to divulge that information freely?”

Dante grabs Shtickles with one hand and begins to squeeze him

” I knew it.”

Aanna grabs for some drink looking interested.

” ( trying to gasp for words ) it was for your own good”

Dante lets go of him. Aanna takes a drink from a cup, with a sigh of satisfaction.

” This tastes so good, Shtickles what is this? “

” One of the taverns signature brews, but I would recommend that you take it slow, it tends to make people…. Infuriating”

We see Aanna guzzling down her drink. Shtickles begins to sigh. Aanna leans over to Dante.

” Here try some”

Dante tries it. He stops for a moment and has an unexpected joy on his face as he begins to chug it down.

” Hey! “

” You will have run out the taverns stock at this pace!”

” Oh I wouldn’t worry too much about that, you did say a feast right?”

” I must remember to choose my words carefully with you”

” Here Luna”

Aanna gives Luna a drink. Luna comes to find that she enjoys the drink as well, and puts a slight grin on her face.

” Hey Shtickles, why doesn’t Luna have to cover her ears in here?”

” Because I never wanted to attract a crowd mid day, we would have been surely sought out after”
” What’s wrong with that?” Dante replies

” Everything! Have you forgotten who we’re dealing with here?”

” I don’t know, but it involves you being his slave”

Shtickles puts an angered look on his face.

Aanna starts to laugh as she climbs on the table to pick up Shtickles.

” our little Slave”

She is seen with a slightly red face.

” I see the brew is working wonders on you”

Dante sees someone smoking what looks like to be a cigar across the room, and begins to get interested and walks over. Luna just watches, and goes back to her meal. We see Dante walking up to some men.

” What is that?”

” heh, you want some big guy? This is some really good smoke“

As they hand Dante the cigar. We see Aanna walk up from behind, Dante turns towards her as he blows smoke out of his nose onto Aanna, Aanna just laughs. We see Luna and Shtickles at the table still enjoying themselves. Luna stops for a moment.
” So why do they see me different? Have they not seen someone like me before?”

” ehh well, let’s just say many people here live under a rock compared to what I have seen”

Luna looks at shtickles puzzled for a moment.

” People don’t see something like this every day, they would be lucky to even get a glance of you”

” So why don’t they look at you the same?”

” You have a point, but these people obey our Lord, if he says that I would be accepted among regular people. They see me no different from everyone else. Fear is a cruel thing, no matter what you are dealing with, anything can be seen as acceptable ”

As people start to notice Luna. Dante walks back to the table.

” When an outsider is in our midst, people will only act as they are told, become aware and unsure. Its just the nature of things”

” I love this place already” Dante expresses as he sits down and begins to speak.

“ So this Lord, what’s his deal anyways?”

” It’s complicated, I’d rather not get into the specifics, people here. Let’s just say they don’t get along to well with our lord very well”

” So what’s he to us?”
” A friend, or foe”

” Heh, well this should be fun”

We see Aanna enjoying herself, meeting and talking with everyone.

” You know I never did understand how I got here”

” Well you’re just like everyone else”

Dante sounding out an interesting tone.

” But if it is true you walked past the wall itself. I’ve never heard of such a thing”

” Just at the right place, at the right time I guess”

” Don’t be so foolish, there is still much you have yet to discover”

” At this point I’m all ears”

” I’m sure anyone would be, but understand that doing this means you’ll have to find a way to repay me”

“ You always have something you want, ever heard of being generous?”

Panning out to Dante taking a drink from his cup. We see Aanna make her way back to the table, she sits down to take a drink. Aanna exhales with a refreshed look.

” Everyone here is so friendly, why can’t you be more like that Dante?”

” Because you’re too much trouble for one person”

” That’s not true! Shtickles you don’t think that do you?( as she begins to give Shtickles a very upset look)”

” I’m sure you’ll find someone to tolerate you soon my dear”

Aanna slumps down on the table.

“ You guys are mean!”

” Ahh the wonders of what this land has to offer. Take as much time as you need before we make our way to the inn, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.”

We suddenly skip to see Aanna, dante, and luna come barging out of the tavern; Arms around each others shoulders. Luna, with a bewildered look of some kind as she is unfamiliar with this act.

” Follow me fellow comrades, rest easy, tomorrow brings more challenges than you will ever know”

The scene pans out only to see a dark figure in the shadows a top of the tavern.

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