School-Live! Theory Kurumi and Senpai - SPOILERS
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Posted 3/12/16
I have a new theory about School-Live's episode 2 part were Kurumi kills the girl zombie (apologies if this theory is obvious and I am stupid here lol)
1st we know that Kurumi kills a lot of zombies she isn't 100% attached to them and doesn't resist therefore she is the one who protects everyone.
2nd We know she had a guy she loved.
When she is about to kill the zombie we see something catches her attention in an unsual way, I am sure many zombies carry mobile phones from when they were alive etc... so this isn't usually something huge to her since we seen her kill zombies later on were she doesn't pay attention to anything.

Then we are given a screenshot of what is on the phone

The guy's head is hidden, remember that when they were showing us Kurumi kill senpai his head wasn't shown either... now this makes me think what if her senpai was actually with another girl and the mobile photo was of him and his girlfriend, or maybe he was two timing them? she sees the phone and goes into anger

I know that these eyes potray her anger because if we look at one of the lasts episodes were she sees Megu as a zombie, she gets scared but then remembers what she has done to their dog... after remembering that she goes into rage and runs up to her with these eyes full of anger

The eyes seem the same...
This is just a theory.
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Posted 12/31/17
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