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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
Okay so I really enjoy watching romance anime, but I've hit a problem. I keep blindly watching romance anime that don't go anywhere and it's getting extremely frustrating. I can't stand it when two characters don't get together until the end, don't kiss to the end, or don't even kiss at all. Could anyone recommend any good romance anime that actually go somewhere and that are satisfying? My favorite is Golden Time by far.
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
Say I love you
My Love Story
Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
I recommend to you Toradora!
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
Vampire Knight (definite reveal and development, but overall story not finished)
Inu X Boku SS (definite development)
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (definite development, might get another season)
Peach Girl (If you can stand shoujo themes, definite development)
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Posted 3/12/16 , edited 3/13/16
Kare Kano. There's a confession almost immediately and the relationship advances quite a bit. Also the characters are really well written and you can see clearly how both of them are thinking and navigating everything. The ending is a little topsy-turvy because of a director swap but the result is fun in its own way, and I thought it left off at an alright spot.

Also the art/animation is an expert blend of JC Staff stability and Gainax eccentricity which I enjoyed a lot.
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/14/16
Ore Monogatari
Kids on the Slope
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/13/16
All of these anime go significantly deeper into the relationship than the confession:

Say "I Love You" (as mentioned)
My Love Story/Ore Monogatari (as mentioned--it's the same show)
Kare Kano (as mentioned--this is one of my favorite manga, by the way, I'd strongly recommend you read that over watching the anime)

Ah My Goddess
Ai Yori Aoshi
Aishiteruze Baby (romance takes a few episodes to get going)
Amagmi SS+ (each plot arc, except one, ends the first season with the couple together; the second season for each arc is about their relationship)
Clannad: After Story (couple is together after first season)
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (romance combined w/ mystery/ghost story)
Eureka Seven (romance combined with mecha action/adventure)
Familiar of Zero (note: four seasons, only the last is on CR)
I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying (shortform)
Itazaru na Kiss
Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions: Heart Throb (couple together after first season)
Monogatari Series (starts with Bakemonogatari; combination romance w/ psychological horror/ghost story; romance doesn't play a huge part of the show after the first season, with a couple exceptions here and there.)
Please Teacher! (fake relationship turning real)
Snow White with the Red Hair (couple together after first season)
Sword Art Online
The Testament of Sister New Devil (okay "relationship" might be pushing it; harem king might be better term...)
The World is Still Beautiful (arranged marriage turning real)

There are a few others that spend most of the show building up to the confession, but do move a bit past kissing (emotionally or physically) once they get there:
ef: Tale of Memories
Toradora (as mentioned)
Yosuga no Sora (omnibus; also lots of sex, so be warned)

A few others kinda-sorta fit, except that at least one of the couple involved is just so extremely shy and chaste that nothing ever really happens, physically, despite the fact that they are technically a couple for most of the series (still emotional development). In that category:
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Little Busters: Refrain (this is the second season--start with Little Busters)
Accel World
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/13/16
Great suggestions so far. Here are a few more I'd like to add.

Rosario to Vampire
Chibi Vampire Karin
Fortune Arterial
Sakura Trick (Yuri)
Blue Drop (Yuri)
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Posted 3/13/16 , edited 3/14/16
No one mentioned Lovely Complex yet?

They get together, they kiss, become a couple and had third-party complications on both sides.
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Posted 3/18/16 , edited 3/18/16
i second lovely complex, chibi vampire, and oh my goddess.
please teacher and the world is still Beautiful are simular.
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